Scoop Jet

Grebenzen and Scoop Jet

The revolution of winter sports 3.0 starts now.

Discover the ultimate winter sports revolution with ScoopJet! Immerse yourself in a new era of snow fun in Grebenzen, where the partnership with ScoopJet Sports GmbH opens the doors to winter sports 3.0. The exclusive 5-star destination partner certificate distinguishes Grebenzen as a pioneer, making winter sports accessible to everyone.

ScoopJet makes winter sports more convenient, safer, and above all, more exciting. Whether you are an experienced athlete or a beginner – ScoopJet enables unforgettable descents on specially certified slopes. Grebenzen becomes a hotspot for strategic growth in tourism, and you can be part of this revolutionary movement.

Grebenzen and ScoopJet – the perfect combination for unforgettable winter adventures!

ScoopJet-compatible slopes and lifts.

  • The Grebenzenlift and its slopes are best suited for the Scoop Jet. The slopes, as well as the lift, provide perfect enjoyment:
  • Descent via the new Maria Schönanger slope and in the valley area via the Sonnenlift (plate lift).
  • FOR ADVANCED RIDERS: Dreiwiesenlift. Due to a steep section with the lift, this slope and lift are recommended only for experienced Scoop Jet pilots.

The following slopes are closed:

  • Descent via the S slope.
  • Finish slope Pabstin.
  • Starrenberg II
  • Too hard and icy slopes!!! 
    Therefore, it is essential to inquire in advance whether, for example, skiing on the Maria Schönanger or Pabstin (upper part) slopes is possible.

Only the marked areas are allowed to be ridden. Orange areas are for experienced Scoop Jet pilots only. As with skiing in general, the disclaimer of liability applies. General slope rules also apply to Scoop Jet pilots. It is mandatory to strictly follow the instructions of slope and lift personnel. Violations may result in the withdrawal of the lift pass.